"A Momentary Lapse of London"

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"A Momentary Lapse of London"

by Davide Roveri,  Music "This Love" by Craig Armstrong

" Impressive time lapse shots of iconic London landmarks"

The time-lapse video showing the beauty that is London was created by Davide Roveri’s, 6 minute short A Momentary Lapse of London features impressive time lapse shots of iconic London landmarks, often in silhouette against rich, painterly skies.

When I first moved to London two years ago the first period of my relationship with the city wasn’t that great, I couldn’t find a connection, I felt like a stranger and I couldn’t feel any inspiration at all. But then, all of a sudden, one night I was walking on the South Bank when a glorious sunset caught my attention and I experienced that beautiful sensation of feeling like home. And at that point, it was.

It has been exactly like when you meet someone and at first you don’t like him/her, but then you hang out for a while and, before you can realise, you’re in love! So the main idea behind this timelapse movie was simply to write a sort of visual love letter to the city that stole my heart and that gives me a lot of inspiration every single day.

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"A Momentary Lapse of London" by Davide Roveri,  Music "This Love" by Craig Armstrong


The technical stuff:
Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II w/ TC-80N3 timer
- Canon EF 24/105 f/4L IS USM
- Zeiss Jena Flektogon MC 2.8/20 M42
- Zeiss Jena Flektogon MC 2.4/35 M42
- Zeiss Jena Sonnar MC 2.8/180 M42

Music is "This Love" by Craig Armstrong available on the iTunes Music Store:
Special thanks to Ms Leah Larkin @ the London Eye Press Office for the photography permit.

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