"Lullaby" The CURE cover at Paris

Rock N' Roll

by Grand Square Dance
picture Artwork by @msanhuezacelsi

The CURE Cover by "Grand Square Dance" from "Exo7, fighting Rock (1983/2010)" Concert in tribute to all the artists who have performed on stage in the Exo7; on the occasion of the closing of this beautiful room. "Lullaby" is a 1989 single by The Cure from their album Disintegration.  Watch full  this GREAT cover...

The song is the most successful single by the band in their home country, reaching number five in the UK charts.

Grand Square Dance #RockBand

Grand Square Dance is not a Country Western band ! It is a Heavy Rock quartet born in the year 2008 in the city of Rouen / France. Their second EP will be out in February 2011. Grand Square Dance is willing to play live as much as possible and wish to get known all around the world and farther ! You're all welcome to check the new tracks out on the following player!

Video extract from DVD "Exo7, fighting Rock (1983/2010)" Concert in tribute to all the artists who have performed on stage in the Exo7 the occasion of the closing of this beautiful room.




on candystripe legs spiderman comes
softly through the shadow of the evening sun
stealing past the windows of the blissfully dead
looking for the victim shivering in bed
searching out fear in the gathering gloom and
suddenly! a movement in the corner of the
room! and there is nothing i can do when i
realise with freight that the spiderman is having
me for dinner tonight

quietly he laughs and shaking his head creeps
closer now closer to the foot of the bed and
softer than shadow and quicker than flies his
arms are all around me and his tongue in my
eyes "be still be calm be quiet now my precious
boy don't struggle like that or i will only love
you more for it's much too late to get away or
turn on the light the spiderman is having you
for dinner tonight"

and i feel like i'm being eaten by a thousand
million shivering furry holes and i know that in
the morning i will wake up in the shivering cold
and the spiderman is always hungry... 

Single by The Cure
from the album Disintegration
Released  10 April 1989
Format  7", 12"
Genre  Alternative rock
Length  4:10
Label  Fiction Records
Producer(s)  Robert Smith & Dave Allen


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