World’s Most Innovative Companies by Forbes

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How Innovative Leaders Maintain Their Edge

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This issue marks our second year collaborating with Forbes to rank the The  World's 100 Most Innovative Companies (Forbes - Full list) based upon an innovation premium. Since last year’s inaugural list was published, we’re often asked: “Why are some companies able to create and sustain a high innovation premium while others don’t?” While still in the early stages of an in-depth analysis of high- versus low-innovation premium companies, our initial results show at least three key things that the innovative companies do to create and sustain an innovation premium.  
How well companies leverage people, process, and philosophies (what we call the 3Ps) differentiates the best in class from the next in class when it comes to keeping innovation alive and delivering an innovation premium year after year. 

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The Technological Revolution that is waiting to happen

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Creativity, Innovation And Cake
BY Jeffrey Paul Baumgartner via

In short, creativity is about the ideas. Innovation is about the implementation of those ideas in order to institute change.” 

Back in 2009, I became concerned about a lack of consistent terminology in the field of innovation. One of the most commonplace errors I come across is people confusing the terms “creativity” and “innovation”. Often, experts are talking about creativity, but they use the word “innovation” because they believe it is a sexier business term than “creativity”. This lack of consistent terminology continues today—and I am seeing a critical problem that is resulting from inconsistent terminology: actual innovation is not happening! 

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Every Leader Is an Artist

Creativity & Leadership

"Leadership is an actual Art, not metaphorically an Art"

       by Michael O'Malley via HBR Blog Network
The connection between leadership and art has been made many times over, usually as a way to single out certain properties of the arts that carry over to leadership, such as a jazz musician's ability to create through improvisation. These analogies can be compelling, but my point is more ambitious: leadership is an actual art, not metaphorically an art. The same attributes that distinguish great from mediocre artists distinguish exceptional leaders from their ordinary counterparts. The best leaders and artists give us perspective on our social condition (good or bad) and greater appreciation of our world, ourselves, and our choices. Moreover, they challenge, excite, comfort, and motivate. They bring us closer together by providing a forum for shared experiences and by forging a sense of community. Leadership and art both animate social encounters. They can change our lives in ways that are as invigorating and real as being hit by a wave.

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