"Heijmans ONE Houses" The movable home for single home households

"Heijmans ONE Houses"

The movable home for single home households
An Amsterdam real estate developer wants young people to occupy affordable, moveable homes on properties where building is stalled—and move when construction gets started again.

Heijmans introduces a new concept of living to the market: Heijmans ONE. This special home offers opportunities to meet demands for qualitative and affordable rental housing, while at the same time solving a social issue.

Can't Make Rent? This Beautiful Squatter's Home Can Be Built On A Vacant Lot By Adele Peters via FastCo.Exist: In A Dayn Amsterdam, like many cities, it's hard to find an affordable place to live, especially for recent college graduates who would rather avoid moving in with roommates or their parents. A new movable house is designed to make living in the city center cheaper for single millennials by making use of temporarily vacant land. Read full Article via FastCo.Exist

 The one-bedroom homes, which can be set up in a single day and moved just as quickly, will be built in parts of the city where construction has been delayed for years because of the economic crisis.

"By placing Heijmans ONE houses on these plots for temporary use, the landowner gets residents to guard the land, and a positive image for free. Because of this, we don't have to pay any fee for using this land, which would be vacant anyway—and that helps us keep the rent for the homes low."

The homes are also designed to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. The first wooden houses will use solar panels to provide power, and though they'll hook up to the city's water and sewer services, the goal is that they'll eventually go completely off the grid.

"Can't Make Rent? This Beautiful Squatter's Home Can Be Built On A Vacant Lot In A Day"  
By Adele Peters Full Article via FastCo.Exist




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