"Alissa White-Gluz's Guide To Life"


Arch Enemy frontwoman and former lead vocalist of Agonist Alissa White-Gluz airs her thoughts on feminism, activism, music and religion.
Being one of metal's most prominent female figureheads makes Alissa White-Gluz a role model and spokesperson for female fans across the globe. However, it's a role she's more than happy to fill, giving her a platform to discuss not just women's rights, but environmental activism, religious ills and even the appreciation for a good pop hook. READ FULL ARTICLE  VIA TEAMROCK.COM

"I enjoy classical music. I think it explored a lot of dark sounds and dissonance before rock music. I like the fact that it was frowned upon when they were doing things like the devil's note. I'm not classically trained and I don't try to analyse any theory behind it, I just enjoy it and like to listen to it. I really like grunge too, like early-90s Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana. I know a lot of people hate it but I love the simplicity, the stripped-down, honest songs and the mistakes." 

Alissa White-Gluz

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