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Cyclehoop Ltd, a company that designs cycle parking products.

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Airocide: NASA’s Answer to the Home Air Purifier

Design & Tech
 Airocide: NASA’s Answer to the Home Air Purifier

  By Jeff McIntire-Strasburg via

airocide filterless air purifierI’ve gotten a number of pitches to profile/review air purifiers in recent years. Generally, I’ve turned them down. While I have no problem with cleaner indoor air – who does? – I know an awful lot of products on the market don’t deliver like they claim. That was the mindset I had when a PR friend approached me with the Airocide; just a little digging, though, showed me that this wasn’t the average product in this niche.
Why’s that? Well, in one word (or acronym), NASA. That’s right, the agency that contracted the research and development for everything from solar panels to microwave ovens to Tang also needed a way to protect space station astronauts from polluted indoor air: specifically, ethylene gas produced by plants for accelerating the ripening of fruit.  The technology that differentiates the Airocide from conventional air purifiers was the result of this research: the technology’s ability to remove ethylene particles was so impressive that the grocery and fresh flower industries were the next customers. Further research showed that Airocide’s filterless method of destroying particles with chemical reactions (that produce no harmful emissions) worked with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and even common allergens.

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Design Quotes For Inspiration

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Empathy on Business

Social Intelligence & Innovation

How Empathy Paves The Way For Innovation

By Michael Carroll via Fast Company

, the best weapon to have in your business arsenal is a little empathy. Learn how you can help yourself by thinking about others. In my role as an executive coach, I often work with leaders who have difficulty building support for their ideas and priorities. Especially in complex organizations, such as pharmaceuticals and universities, leaders can often become disoriented by the political landscape, where diverse stakeholders compete for shrinking resources and allegiances are fluid. Yet in all cases, my clients can point to someone in their organizations who has mastered the politics and garnered support for their ideas. And while much distinguishes those who can successfully maneuver in these complex settings, a prominent characteristic is their ability to "resonate."
In his best-selling book Social Intelligence: The Revolutionary New Science of Human Relationships, Daniel Goleman goes beyond his prior work on emotional intelligence to "lift the curtain on an emerging science, one that almost daily reveals startling insights into our interpersonal world. The most fundamental revelation of this new discipline is: we are wired to connect."1

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Cultivating Innovation

Excellent metaphor: 
"Cultivating a Culture of Innovation" 

Innovation, the endless effort to find a better way, cannot be achieved by robotically lining up best practices and imitating them. The real catalyzing agent for innovation is the ground from which these best practices spring -- the confluence of purpose, people, and processes better known as culture.

From where will the next wave of groundbreaking innovation come?
Not from organizations mechanically mimicking each other's best practices, but from organizations with the commitment to take their stand on ground that has beencultivated for breakthrough.

If you check the contents of the most popular books on innovation, the same topics show up again and again: strategy, systems, process, leadership, customer focus, risk, speed to market, prototyping, metrics, mass collaboration, market intelligence, technology, and creative thinking.

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