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Social Innovation for Social Good

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"Social Innovation for Social Good"

Gopi Kallayil via TEDxBerkeley
In this TEDxTalk Gopi Kallayil takes us on a journey of worldwide examples in which social media makes a difference in the lives of people. The power of social media as a driver for social innovation.

 “When people have access to knowledge, the find solutions for their problems”.

"Street Art" Open Creativity & City

 Street Art: Open Creativity & City
Santiago de Chile.

"The 8 Smartest Cities In Latin America"


 Open Sustainability & Technology

"The 8 Smartest Cities In Latin America" 

By Boyd Cohen  via FastCoexist.com

"Another view of Street"(Santiago de Chile) Photography By @msanhuezacelsi Copyright ©2015 All rights reserved.

Which cities in the region are leading the way toward becoming urban centers of innovation and using technology and civic policy to create better lives for their citizens? As I've written before, all smart cities are on the journey towards being smarter, but none of them have arrived. This statement could not be more true when discussing smart cities in Latin America. I must admit I have a soft spot for the region. For the past two years, I have lived in two of the top 10 cities, and visited several others frequently. But Latin America is still a developing region and this list is primarily made up of cities in developing countries, unlike the rankings for North AmericaAsia/Pacific, and Europe. Therefore, most of these cities have major problems with traffic, contamination, government inefficiency, and much less transparency than you’d find in leading cities in more developed regions. Latin American cities also have a bad track record in proper land use and urban planning.

Having said that, all of the cities on this list are making strides towards becoming more efficient, cleaner, more innovative, and yes, smarter.

Image is Powerful but is Superficial - Cameron Russell

Image & World

by  Cameron Russell at TED

Cameron Russell admits she won “a genetic lottery”: she's tall, pretty and an underwear model. But don't judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16-years-old.

"Image is powerful…but also, image is superficial. Barring surgery (or the fake tan I got for work) there’s very little we can do to transform how we look. And how we look — although it is superficial and immutable — has a huge impact on our lives. Today for me, being fearless means being honest. And I am on this stage because I’m a model — I’m on this stage because I am a pretty, white woman. In my industry we call that a ‘sexy girl’"  Cameron Russell.

75 Creativity Quotes

Open Change & Imagination

Great Creativity Quotes

    by MARELISA via daringtolivefully.com
Creativity quotes can inspire us to get started on our creative endeavors, whether it’s writing a screen play, putting together a presentation for a client, or simply being more creative in everyday life. Here, then, are 75 creativity quotes to get your creative juices flowing.
1. “There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” — Edward de Bono
2. “There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.”  — Martha Graham
3. “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” — Theodore Levitt

Disrupt Cities "Humor & Irony ON Urban Art"

creativity & Design

Filthy Luker, stage name of Luke Egan, is an artist from Bristol, known for his works of urban art. His pieces are dynamic and dark site specific three dimensional interventions, laden with irony, reinvent the function of everyday objects or add details unsettling, creating dialogue with the surrounding environment, in order to confuse passers-by and a laugh or a look of astonishment.

Whose Smart City?

Open Sustainability & Innovation

Whose Smart City? 

The proliferation of 'smart' solutions to a deluge of political and economic problems in today's cities may well serve to reinforce urban inequality at a time when new radical alternatives are in desperate need.

"Plaza del Torico, Teruel, HDR"  by Marc (marcp_dmoz) CC BY NC SA 


As a student of cities, I am very much interested in the diffusion and circulation of buzzwords, global slogans and global ideas about cities and their development strategies. In the last decade, I have observed the shifts from debates on technological and information cities, to cultural cities, creative cities, sustainable, green and resilient cities, to our current conjuncture with the rise of the 'smart' cities. But what does it mean for a city to be ‘smart’? What are the implications and rationales behind smart urbanism? Is smart urbanism as positive as the term suggests? 

The concept behind smart cities is actually rather vague, there is no common definition of what a smart city is, most commonly the idea relies on the implicit assumption that urban infrastructures and everyday life can/should be optimized and ’greened’ through the technologies and innovations of global IT companies. So, what’s the problem with smart cities? Who wouldn’t want to live in a smart city anyway?

"The Gathering - Saturnine" Live #RockNroll

  Anneke van Giersbergen & The Gathering at Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL 2005 "A Sound Relief" Live Concert...

Startups Change the World!

"Creativity from Southern World"

http://www.msanhuezacelsi.portfoliobox.me/  Valdivia "Green Sky" By ©msanhuezacelsi 

  Austral wires By ©msanhuezacelsi 

"Your body language shapes who you are"

Science & language

"Your body language shapes who you are" 

 Amy Cuddy at TED

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. 

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how "power posing" — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don't feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.

Power of Design

Creativity & Design

"The Omnipresent Power of Design"

 by Wobi via wobi.com

The reality behind product       creation ... What is considered good design and what is not? How to achieve great design?. Brunner reveals the misunderstandings and explains what is necessary in order to successfully lead this discipline.

The creative engine behind numerous brand-defining designs of the past two decades, Robert Brunner is best known for his role as Director of Industrial Design at Apple.

"The Science of Willpower & Kelly McGonigal"

"The Science of Willpower"

Kelly McGonigal on why it’s so dang hard to stick to a resolution

It’s the second week in January and, at about this time, that resolution that seemed so reasonable a week ago — go to the gym every other day, read a book a week, only drink alcohol on weekends — is starting to seem very … hard. As you are teetering on the edge of abandoning it all together, Kelly McGonigal is here to help. This Stanford University psychologist — who shared  how you can make stress your friend on TED — wants you to know that you’re not having a hard time sticking to a resolution because you are a terrible person. Perhaps you’ve just formulated the wrong resolution.

Excellence for Water Technology

Sustainability & Innovation 

The Countries vying to be the Centres of Excellence for Water Technology

By Will Henley via theguardian.com

Countries and cities around the world are competing to play host to the world's most innovative sustainable water companies

The technocrats of Masdar could hardly be accused of a lack of ambition. The five-year-old Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, which aims to be the world's first zero-carbon city, aspires also to be a global centre of excellence for innovative clean-tech water companies.
"Masdar can be the Silicon Valley of water," says Mohammed El Ramahi, Masdar's head of utilities and asset management. He is certain that this part of the Middle East can be to water what California is to the microchip.
With predictions that the water tech industry – covering desalination, purification, recycling, rainwater collection and hydro-electricity – will be worth $1tn by 2020, it is perhaps no surprise that Abu Dhabi wants in on the action.

Berlin Wall & 25 years after the fall of Communism

  Disrupt & History

Berlin Wall & 25 years after the fall of Communism 

by  Jeri Laber via opendemocracy.net (CC BY NC)

Twenty-five years ago, in November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell.  Over the course of one weekend, some two million jubilant East Germans breached the Wall and crossed into West Berlin to greet family, friends and countrymen from whom they had been forcibly separated for more than twenty-eight years. The East German Communist leaders had lost control. Border guards, instructed to shoot anyone trying to cross the wall, held their fire.

The fall of the Wall came to symbolize the monumental year of 1989, when Communism collapsed in six countries whose systems had been considered immutable: Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Romania. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators brought about this change.

"Disrupt or be Disrupted"

by GE Look ahead via gelookahead.economist.com 

 Companies today need to both innovate and to embrace continual change...

T o stay competitive in today’s market, companies must think like a disruptor, investing both in the innovations that sustain their business and in new revenue streams that can defend against potential competitors. For some companies, this could mean enabling and embracing the bold leadership necessary for transforming of their core business to avoid disruption by new technologies.
Companies today need to both innovate and to embrace continual change - See more at: http://gelookahead.economist.com/disrupt-disrupted/#sthash.pZrq5fYu.dpuf

Companies today need to both innovate and to embrace continual change - See more at: http://gelookahead.economist.com/disrupt-disrupted/#sthash.pZrq5fYu.dpuf

infographic: Benefit of Co-Working Spaces

Where would you like to work every day? by deskmag.com CC BY

"Happy New Year"


"The Alan Parsons Project" La Sagrada Familia Live

  Progressive Rock & live

  The Alan Parsons Project  "La Sagrada Familia" Live

Gaudi is the tenth album by The Alan Parsons Project, released in 1987. Gaudi refers to Antoni Gaudí, the Catalan architect, and the opening track references what is probably his best known building, La Sagrada Familia.


Collective Notion of Beauty

Beauty & Miths

Cameron Russell wants to have a discussion about the way that we, as a society, perceive beauty. Media representations of women, she says, are replete with racist and sexist representations, encouraging women to live up to a standard that is both oppressive and unattainable. Russell’s profession offers an insider’s perspective on the topic – after all, she has been modeling for over a decade. 

Her candid talk from TEDxMidAtlantic led to this edition of TED Weekends on the Huffington Post. Below, find essays to start the discussion on our perceptions of beauty.

"Goodbye 2014 & Hello 2015 Open the Mind"

"Goodbye 2014 &  Open the Mind... Hello 2015"

IMAGE: "Rebirth" by @msanhuezacelsi

 Open News Ideas, Creativity, NewsOpportunities NOW!


5 Sustainable Innovations in 2014 You Probably Didn’t Know About

Technology & creativity

5 Sustainable Innovations in 2014 You Probably Didn’t Know About

 by Ken Myers via  sustainablog.org

Artist's rendition of Sandpoint, Idaho - Home of Solar Roadways
Graphic artist: Sam Cornett

Each year, technology and innovative advancement brings humanity a step closer to a much more sustainable existence. From renewable energy to improved methods for cultivating food and consumer products, science is lending a hand to enhance humanity’s way of life. Although many are aware of the developments of the recent past, there are many sustainable innovations that are developed without all the pomp and circumstance. What innovative ideas have been developed in 2014 that you may have missed?

"3 Ways To Live A Life Of Passion"

Life & Creativity
"3 Ways To Live A Life Of Passion"
 Jamelle Sanders via Inspiyr

While I believe a lot of factors play into success, I believe that one factor is the most essential.  "Passion is the key to success."

Passion is not just excitement and enthusiasm. Passion is relentless devotion to a desired outcome. It is that infinite strength and courage that resides on the inside of every human being.

It will push you into new possibilities for your life. You will know what you are passionate about by what you remain committed to during moments of crisis in your life.

Araucaria ART & Design from Southern World

Digital Art & Photography

"Merry Christmas to Everyone"

Merry Christmas to Everyone!