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5 Sustainable Innovations in 2014 You Probably Didn’t Know About

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5 Sustainable Innovations in 2014 You Probably Didn’t Know About

 byKen Myers via  sustainablog.org

Artist's rendition of Sandpoint, Idaho - Home of Solar Roadways
Graphic artist: Sam Cornett

Each year, technology and innovative advancement brings humanity a step closer to a much more sustainable existence. From renewable energy to improved methods for cultivating food and consumer products, science is lending a hand to enhance humanity’s way of life. Although many are aware of the developments of the recent past, there are many sustainable innovations that are developed without all the pomp and circumstance. What innovative ideas have been developed in 2014 that you may have missed?

"the Words and Ideas can change the world" Robin Williams


"Robin Williams Tribute"

Thanks for the laughs, Robin. We'll miss you.

Araucaria ART "Creativity, Nature & Design"

Digital Art & Photography

Miniskirt a History of Revolution and Innovation

A History of the Fashion Revolution

The 1960s was a politically charged decade of revolution and change. Apollo 11 became the first capsule to land on the moon, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law, Vietnam was raging, Beatlemania was sweeping the world, birth control pills hit the market, and a new cult of youth, known as “Youthquake,” had radically taken over many areas of life. In the midst of these dramatic political and cultural changes emerged one of the most enduring and controversial icons of the era: the Miniskirt (or mini skirt).

    Existing, surprisingly, since ancient times, this small and sexy piece of fabric has embodied some of the most fascinating paradoxes of our times as it suggests both empowerment and vulnerability, independence and a desire to please, an attempt to cover and to reveal, maturity and playfulness, and liberation and exploitation. Simultaneously condemned and loved, the miniskirt exploded into the political landscape and had women (and men) suddenly paying attention to what had been hidden years before—a woman’s legs.

Full Article via Randomhistory: Fashion Revolution

A History of the Miniskirt

 by Randomhistory.com


The popularity of miniskirts peaked in the "Swinging London" of the 1960s, but it is still commonplace among many women, especially teenagers, preteens, and young adults. Before that time, short skirts were only seen in sport and dance clothing, such as skirts worn by female tennis players, figure skaters, cheerleaders, and dancers.

 Image:See thru blouse by  Fashionistas CC BY NC SA

Creative Commons & Photography

Creative Commons & Photography

Sunset in Ibiza by stuckincustoms CC BY NC SA

"I will follow you, always" by Thomas Rousing CC BY


INXS "Never tear Us apart" #RockNroll

 "Never Tear Us Apart" is a single released by Australian rock group INXS in August 1988. It was also included on the band's sixth studio album, Kick. The music was written by Andrew Farriss, who recorded a blues-style demo and gave it to Michael Hutchence who wrote the lyrics.

The Portable, Solar-Powered Computer Lab: Dell Learning Labs

Education, Sustainability & Technology

The Portable, Solar-Powered Computer Lab: 

Dell Learning Labs

via sustainablog.org CC BY SA

Most of the solar-powered schools we’ve encountered have sprouted up in the developed world, driven by a desire for lighter environmental impact, lower electric bills, and additional educational opportunities provided by the technology itself. In the developing world, though, solar power may be the only way to provide educational opportunities that require electricity: political unrest, poverty, and lack of development all keep power grids from expanding into remote areas in many parts of the world. For young people in those places, that means the chance to learn about the latest technologies are limited… if they’re available at all.

Art by Melanie Brescia

"Your body language shapes who you are" by Amy Cuddy at TED

Science & language


Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. 

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how "power posing" — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don't feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.


"Plaza del Torico, Teruel, HDR"  by Marc (marcp_dmoz) CC BY NC SA 

The Soul Of Design

Design & Creativity

13 & 9 The Soul Of Design

The video is part of an overall concept for 13&9 design that revolves around the soul of the design itself. As we have been supporting the label from the very beginning on, the conception phase was also a collaborative process of discovery with the owners, focussing on the true essence of their brand. 

13&9 capture the contrasts found in design (man/woman, black/white, angular/curved) and present them timelessly in the video, reducing the broad product range to the very core of any design, namely points, lines and surfaces.

Music is Passion

Jónsi in Action by  Pétur Gauti Valgeirsson    CC BY NC SA

Social Entrepreneurship and The Water Crisis

Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurship 
A Water Carrier For The Developing World That Cleans As It Rolls

With a few simple modifications, the same five-gallon barrels used for storage can be repurposed to solve a major barrier to clean water access for millions of people.

Millions of people lack access to tap water, and every day, need to lug water to their homes from streams, lakes, and collective faucets. We've written about several helpful tools to help them carry water, including these wheels and balls. But SafeSIPP--a new device from three Arizona State graduates--has the potential to do more. In addition to transporting water, it also cleans the water at the same time. 



Erica Morgan 28 by Crysco Photography CC BY ND

"West of the Moon" #Shortfilm by Brent Bonacorso

  West of the Moon   

#Shortfilm by Brent Bonacorso

Written, Directed, & Animated by Brent Bonacorso. Loosely based on several hundred interviews with children about their dreams, 'West of the Moon ' is the story of one man's lost love and his strange path to redemption, aided along the way by a gambling robot, a wayward monkey, and a healthy dose of determination.

The Giant Rubber Duck takes over Hong Kong

Rubber Duck Project by Chris Zielecki CC BY NC SA

The Giant Rubber Duck in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong, China.

Open Creativity | ART Gallery - ANNA RAZUMOVSKAYA

Garbage - The World Is Not Enough "Live" #Rock&Roll

The Lego Keyboard

Creativity & Tech

The Lego Keyboard Change traditional keys

Ballerina Project - Beauty and Art dance before our eyes

Creativity & Photography

"Ballerina Project"

Beauty & Art dance before our eyes

by Dane Shitagi

 The Ballerina Project grew from the idea of New York City as a magnet for creativity; each photograph is a collaborative work of dance, fashion design and photography played out against the city's landscape.

 This album will showcase the images that best represent the journey of the Ballerina Project over the last 13+ years.

Work 3.0: Meet the Future of Work

Collaboration & Coworking

Work 3.0: Meet the Future of Work
by Workshifting Team via workshifting.com

It’s hard to believe that even 10 years ago we didn’t have Facebook or Twitter. Ten years before then, we didn’t have the Internet. We have come a long way in a relatively short period of time, and new technologies are now requiring changes in the way we work. Today’s workforce is more dispersed, global, mobile, flexible – you name it. We are also witnessing the rise of a new generation of workers, the Milliennials, who will soon be the largest and most connected sector of the workforce.