"CHILE organizador del COP25"


"Creemos que el verdadero desarrollo económico y social sólo es posible si se cuida el medio ambiente" @CarolaSchmidtZ. La ministra del Medio Ambiente, Carolina Schmidt, destacó que el país sea sede de la COP25, cita de dos semanas de duración que reunirá a ministros y jefes de Estado de 197 países. “Representa un desafío enorme, el que asumimos como un hito histórico que nos permitirá seguir avanzando como país en el desarrollo sustentable y en nuestro compromiso con el medio ambiente”, sostuvo la secretaria de Estado.Los ojos del mundo se posarán en Chile luego que se eligiera, por unanimidad, a nuestro país como organizador de la próxima reunión de la Conferencia de las Partes (COP) de Naciones Unidas, la cumbre sobre el cambio climático más importante del mundo y donde se reúnen representantes de alto nivel de 197 países.

"¿Que es ser Profesional?" Julian Ugarte

¿Que es ser Profesional? Julian Ugarte


En esta  charla TEDxUFSM Julian Ugarte Co-Fundador de SociaLab nos lleva por un camino lleno de Disrupción e Innovación, realizando una provocadora  pregunta  ¿Que es ser Profesional?. Para redefinir este concepto nos hace pensar a través de  una analogía que le hizo Bernardo Toro, uno de los pensadores más importantes de la educación y la democracia en América Latina...   Si Messi y Neymar son dos de los futbolistas mas destacados a nivel mundial ¿son ambos profesionales si no fueron a la universidad?,  la respuesta es obvia ya que es inimaginable no considerarlos como dos de los más grandes profesionales en su rubro;  pero si ninguno curso la  educación superior;  entonces  que  significa realmente ser profesional. Ante esto Julian  nos propone otra visión de este termino que comúnmente utilizamos día a día, donde afirma que no es relativo a ir o no la Universidad, sino que es aquella persona que es Capaz de "Resolver Problemas en el Mundo Real" creando soluciones ante las distintas contingencias que se presentan en el día a día.


"Sandinista" The Clash


"Sandinista" The Clash


  Anticipating the "world music" trend of the 1980s, it features funk, reggae, jazz, gospel, rockabilly, folk, dub, rhythm and blues, calypso, disco, and rap; It was a record whose topic was as many years ahead of its time as its sound. Sandinista! is the fourth studio album by the English band the Clash. It was released on 12 December 1980 as a triple album containing 36 tracks, an amazing artwork that impacts until today where the mixture of style and cultures, shows us how art transcends borders, embodying a true revolution.

"Alissa White-Gluz's Guide To Life"


Arch Enemy frontwoman and former lead vocalist of Agonist Alissa White-Gluz airs her thoughts on feminism, activism, music and religion. Being one of metal's most prominent female figureheads makes Alissa White-Gluz a role model and spokesperson for female fans across the globe. However, it's a role she's more than happy to fill, giving her a platform to discuss not just women's rights, but environmental activism, religious ills and even the appreciation for a good pop hook. Read now the Full Article  via

"Free Love" Moscow Streetart by Okudart

"Free Love" by @Okudart

Moscow Streetart 

Amazing mural by Okuda San Miguel on 3rd Artmossphere Biennale, 2018 at Moscow, Russia... @okudart  is a Spanish painter and sculptor known for his distinctive style of colorful geometric patterns that portray animals, skulls, religious iconography and human figures. He is perhaps most famous for painting the Kaos Temple in Llanera, Asturias, Spain.
  He is interested in pop art, especially in cinema and fashion, as well as in the light and color of other cultures, which allows him to incorporate all these interests to his style. His murals can be seen on buildings and objects across the world in India, Mali, the United States, Japan, Chile, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Morocco, Ukraine and Spain.

"Yoga, Happiness and Science"

How yoga makes us happy according to Science
 By Agnieszka Golec de Zavala  & Dorottya Lantos 

Can we really unlock our personal power by adopting “powerful” body postures? Unfortunately, the findings that link these so-called “power poses” beloved of certain politicians with a real sense of power and control are difficult to replicate. We may not yet understand the mechanism through which body postures influence our psychological states, but our recent study suggests that we may draw insights from the rapidly expanding research on the psychological benefits of yoga. Yoga is the practice of non-competitive, physical exercise involving held poses (in Sanskrit, asana) combined with regulated breathing (pranayama) and meditation techniques. The past few decades have seen a great increase in the practice of yoga in the West. Over 31m adults in the US have practised yoga at some point in their lives. Multiple studies point to the positive effects of yoga on mental and physical health, as well as on personal development. 

"Summit Human Genome Editing" He Jiankui

He Jiankui at Summit on Human Genome Editing

On the eve of the Second International Summit on the Human Genome Edition, was informed to world on the birth of twins in China whose embryonic genomes had been edited. The researcher Leader is He Jiankui, that with CRISPR-cas9 technology managed to make this controversial scientific milestone who now to speak in this summit and you can watch  his presentation from Honh Kong to continue. The dialogue of this summit seach the global understanding of the problems related to the editing of the human genome, helping to ensure that human genome editing research is carried out responsibly, for the benefit of the whole society.  This Summit  will continue to advance the global dialogue on these issues by bringing together a broad range of stakeholders — including researchers, ethicists, policymakers, patient groups, and representatives from science and medical academies and organizations worldwide — to explore topics including: 1) potential benefits and risks inherent in conducting genome editing research and in considering clinical applications; 2) ethical and cultural perspectives; 3) legal, regulatory, and policy considerations; and 4) public outreach and engagement.

"Meaningful Silence" Sarah ÀLainn


Each of us holds a vision shaped by experiences. Our experiences, indelible, personal, and vivid, change the vision of the present, of the past, and for the future. It is those experiences that develop that vision into something more tangible. Because it’s not what vision is, but what vision does. Sarah Àlainn explains in this amazing talk the importance of "meaningful silence", which is often neglected in our daily life. Silence is not just "non-existence" of sound, but it can also be an essential part of music or any piece of art that brings us a hightened aethetic experience. Sydney raised, Japan based multi-instrumental artist and singer Sarah Àlainn has been making waves over in the Japanese music scene.

"BEAUTY N' STREETART" by Miguel del Cuadro

Beauty N' Streetart

 by @miguel_delcuadro

Amazing artwork by Miguel del Cuadro, Peruvian artist based in Puerto Rico, his in both murals and tattoos has creativity, spirit and passion; with an undeniable Latin root with a lot of color; where feminine beauty, darkness and connection with nature stand out. "I have always tried to balance dark themes with a cheerful language in color. I like to represent decadence and reality through controversy and my interpretation of what beauty is. Although sometimes I do spontaneous things for the pure pleasure of painting" @miguel_delcuadro.




THE SUN IN 1991 "FREDDIE IS DEAD" The Rock legend Freddie Mercury, voice of #Queen, dies today 27 years ago... “In the golden era of glam rock and gorgeously hyper-produced theatrical extravaganzas that defined one branch of '70s rock, no group came close in either concept or execution to Queen.” This British artist is regarded as one of the greatest singers in the history of popular music,and was known for his flamboyant stage persona. Mercury died due to complications from AIDS, was the first major rock star to die of this disease,  represented an important event in the history of HIV/AIDS. Elizabeth Taylor spoke of Mercury as "an extraordinary rock star who rushed across our cultural landscape like a comet shooting across the sky".