"How Tech is transforming the Education"

"How Tech is transforming the Education"
How Technology Is Transforming the Way We Teach and Learn

Our education system is in need of reform. Most students are not taught to be self-motivated lifelong learners, nor do they come out of the school system with the skills, mindsets, and values required to survive a world of accelerating change. Most students do not graduate to feeling inspired to contribute to human progress. Traditional school curricula have mostly gone unchanged for centuries, and there is a lack of scientific basis in pedagogy. There continues to be an emphasis on short-term grades and individual achievement.

How can we effectively educate future generations? What do we need to change about mainstream education? The answer to these questions does not entail small incremental changes, but rather a complete overhaul of mainstream education as it exists today. It also requires changing how we define education to begin with. Technology is already transforming the way we teach and learn. Digital classrooms, global online collaborations, and personalized learning are just the beginning. What will these technological trends in EdTech lead to? What will the word “education” even mean 30 years from now?. READ THIS FULL ARTICLE VIA SINGULARITYHUB.COM

"BEAUTY and LIFE" Amsterdam Street Art

"BEAUTY & LIFE" Amsterdam Street Art

Amazing and beautiful mural at NDSM Wharf by @findac, Urban Aesthetic/stencil artist and Artistic Director at Beautiful Crime. His vibrant renditions of Asian, ethnic or otherworldly females, with a mask/splash of colour around the eyes, now decorate walls, rooftops and forgotten urban landscapes of the world. Locatie: Tt. Neveritaweg 61, 1033 WB Amsterdam, Nederland

"Steven Wilson en 7mo vicio"


En esta notable entrevista realizada al polifacético músico británico Steven Wilson viajamos  a traves de la música, el cine, filosofía, arte y mucho más;  junto a Gonzalo Frías con toda la pasión y estilo que caracterizan a su programa 7MO VICIO. En estos tiempos de cambio, donde el mundo y el séptimo arte de a poco  estan abriendo sus puertas y su visión ante nuevas fuentes creativas, dejando de lado los prejuicios y lo conservador... Les traemos este gran programa de cine  que nos lleva más allá de la pantalla conectándonos con las emociones, la creatividad, el pensamiento y más.
La música de Steven es conocida como "Rock Conceptual",  estilo en el cual  convergen las  influencias del cine y la literatura, lo que hace que sus álbumes sean comparados con ver una película o leer una novela. Sus influencias y experimentos musicales son extremadamente dispares, abarcando desde la psicodelia, la música ambiental, la electrónica, el pop, hasta el metal extremo; siendo llamado una "personalidad musical bipolar" por lo imprevisible y evolucionado de su obraAnte este genio creativo Gonzalo Frías; conductor de 7mo Vicio y especialista de cine;  con gran reflexión, sensibilidad y agudeza realiza una gran entrevista a la par del espíritu punk que caracteriza este programa que es una fuente inagotable de experimentación e inspiración. Ve a continuación este espectácular episodio de  7mo Vicio  a traves  de Via X...


"Curbing climate change"


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March for Science, Washington, D.C., April 29, 2017.

"Curbing climate change" Why it's so hard to act in time: This summer I worked on the Greenland ice sheet, part of a scientific experiment to study surface melting and its contribution to Greenland’s accelerating ice losses. By virtue of its size, elevation and currently frozen state, Greenland has the potential to cause large and rapid increases to sea level as it melts. When I returned, a nonscientist friend asked me what the research showed about future sea level rise. He was disappointed that I couldn’t say anything definite, since it will take several years to analyze the data. This kind of time lag is common in science, but it can make communicating the issues difficult. That’s especially true for climate change, where decades of data collection may be required to see trends.

A recent draft report on climate change by federal scientists exploits data captured over many decades to assess recent changes, and warns of a dire future if we don’t change our ways. Yet few countries are aggressively reducing their emissions in a way scientists say are needed to avoid the dangers of climate change. While this lack of progress dismays people, it’s actually understandable. Human beings have evolved to focus on immediate threats. We have a tough time dealing with risks that have time lags of decades or even centuries. As a geoscientist, I’m used to thinking on much longer time scales, but I recognize that most people are not. I see several kinds of time lags associated with climate change debates. It’s important to understand these time lags and how they interact if we hope to make progress.


Amazing photography by Maryna Khomenko; artwork with a beautiful lady in long red dress in poppy field; see this photography and more via 500px. Maryna Fine art addicted photographer and propsmaker from Kyiv. "A kid with a dream and a sky full of stars."  
Instagram: @khomenko.maryna

"How Artists Are Using Tech to Shape the Future"


The capacity for creative expression is one of the defining qualities of being human. Our innovative imagination and ability to express it in so many different ways is unparalleled by any other living being. However, art doesn’t just have to be for the sake of self-expression or aesthetics. The most powerful masterpieces have a mission infused into them. In fact, many modern-day artists are using their artistic capabilities as a tool to predict, explore, and even shape our future. They do so not just through visual arts, but also through music, movements, sculptures, and even multimedia.

For instance, I can tell you about the implications of technology on society, or I can take you on an immersive experience where I show you those effects or paint a potential future world for you. This is where art is a powerful tool. The effect of artists on society is quite difficult to quantify. We can look at the traction artistic works gain on social media or the millions of dollars they are auctioned off for. But can we ever truly quantify the impact their work has on our individual psyches and the manner in which they inspire us to push ourselves forward? Probably not.  READ THIS FULL ARTICLE VIA SINGULARITY HUB.

"Blade Runner 2049" Wired review

Wired review

Blade Runner 2049 is horribly beautiful, It's just as brilliant as the original. Its beauty is in shadows, blood, neon, desolation and vast, monolithic temples. From start to finish its soundtrack quakes and bellows like a fog horn with an unshakeable 50-a-day habit. There’s the perfect amount of Ryan Gosling speckled with blood looking into unendingly grey middle-distance while the the soundtrack BWAAAAMPS until you’re shaking in your seat and clenching your fists in awe. Blade Runner 2049 is beautifully horrible.

This is a fever dream in which the characters are dwarfed by the dizzying ambition of the set design. Science fiction films so often imagine a prosaic, Americanised future. Denis Villeneuve – borrowing heavily from Ridley Scott’s original – has created a masterpiece. In 1982, when the camera panned through a dystopian Los Angeles, the look and feel of sci-fi films shifted. Thirty-five years later, that same trick is pulled off over and over. READ THIS FULL REVIEW VIA WIRED.CO.UK

"CHILE Ciencia, Tecnología y Empresa"


CHILE: Ciencia, Tecnología y Empresa


Vincular el ecosistema de ciencia e innovación con el sector productivo del país es el principal objetivo del encuentro Chile: Ciencia, Tecnología y Empresa, que el día jueves 5 de octubre desarrolla su sexta versión.  Un punto primordial del encuentro es que posiciona la transferencia tecnológica en el sistema nacional de innovación al convocar a todos los agentes que componen el ecosistema: investigadores, universidades, empresas y autoridades, quienes abordan y discuten las necesidades y desafíos del país.

Vincular el ecosistema de ciencia e innovación con el sector productivo del país es el principal objetivo del encuentro Chile: Ciencia, Tecnología y Empresa, que el día jueves 5 de octubre desarrolla su sexta versión. Como el sello principal de la jornada es subrayar la colaboración para el desarrollo tecnológico, un lugar protagónico lo tiene la firma del Acuerdo de Formación de InnovAP, una red de agencias de innovación conformada por los países miembros de Alianza del Pacífico (México, Colombia, Perú y Chile). En el encuentro organizado por el ministerio de Economía, Fomento y Turismo junto a Corfo, se presentan experiencias de vinculación de los tres conceptos que explican la cita (ciencia, tecnología y empresa), especialmente a través de centros tecnológicos para la innovación, consorcios tecnológicos y programas tecnológicos estratégicos.  SIGUE EL STREAMING EN VIVO...


Making the world a better place for all animals
Today is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare celebrated annually on October 4, the feast day of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.Today, World Animal Day is a global event uniting the animal protection movement, led and sponsored by UK-based animal welfare charity, Nature watch Foundation since 2003. 

The mission of World Animal Day is "To raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. Building the celebration of World Animal Day unites the animal welfare movement, mobilising it into a global force to make the world a better place for all animals.  It's celebrated in different ways in every country, irrespective of nationality, religion, faith or political ideology. Through increased awareness and education we can create a world where animals are always recognised as sentient beings and full regard is always paid to their welfare."


En la celebración de los 100 años de Violeta Parra, @GoogleChile nos presenta su doodle inspirado en esta gran y notable artista chilena. Conmemorando los 100 años de esta compositora, cantante, poeta, artesana, crítica social, apasionada y autodidacta. ¡Gracias por tu creatividad, vision social y por ser una de las Mujeres de Chile que nos llena de orgullo!