Crowdsourcing and Leadership

Crowdsourcing Your Way To More Effective Leadership

 By Michael Papay via Fast Company

It's not just a tool for innovation anymore. Today's top leaders--more miners than oracles--need to to learn from clients and customers efficiently and effectively.
But excellence in asking the right questions is fast becoming an emerging, necessary, and long overdue skill for top performing leaders. And it’s a skill that more leaders need to acquire, according to Stanford professor Tina Seelig, author of the book, inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity.

Seelig’s book details breakthrough ideas for how companies can boost creativity and their innovation hit rate. And the most common mistake that companies make every day, from the top down, according to Seelig?

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Aurora Borealis OnLine

Aurora Borealis back on air from Greenland

By GLObal Robotic-telescopes Intelligent Array Via

The maximum of the solar activity is approaching! Like in 2012, an expedition to observe the Aurora Borealis from the south of Greenland will take place in the period 24-29 August. Named Shelios 2013, the expedition is promoted by the scientific-cultural association Shelios and is coordinated by its president Miquel Serra-Ricart, astronomer of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands and member of the GLORIA Project. A daily broadcast from the surroundings of the Qaleraliq glacier will be available on the web.

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Environmental Solutions

Where there's muck there's brass: dumpster diving for a waste-free world


"Science matters but the mystery is the incredibly power" cradle to cradle inventor Bill McDonough at


DumpstersCradle to cradle designer William McDonough tells Jo Confino how a new partnership linking design to dumpster contents will help eradicate waste.

The master moves like water to the low places that others disdain.
William McDonough, the creator of the cradle to cradle approach to design, quotes the ancient Chinese philosophical treatise the Tao Te Ching to describe the creation of an innovative collaboration he has formed with Waste Management, North America's largest environmental solutions provider and leading residential recycler.

A new cross-sector partnership will attempt to link design with what's in the dumpster, to eradicate waste and scale up the circular economy. Photograph: Louie Psihoyos/ Louie Psihoyos/CORBIS

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stop saying I can't

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