Windows socket

Eco-friendly Design
 "Windows Socket" Solar energy for You
    by Boa Oh & Kyuho Song


Windows socket is a harmless solar energy powered direct power source designed by designers Boa Oh & Kyuho Song. 

This plug socket has no wire or any other gadgets attached, 'windows socket itself converts the solar power into direct power in an eco-friendly way and delivers it as a direct power. Simple in design, the plug just attaches to any window and does its job intuitively.

This product is a socket designed to convert solar energy into electrical energy. As many products are getting portable, we often need electricity. However, there are many restrictions on space in the use of electricity.  Since this product is charged with solar energy, it is not constrained spatially. 


By attaching this socket to anywhere with windows such as a plane or a car, you can use it as if you used a common socket. It is a very convenient and eco-friendly product. We came up with solar energy while finding out the difference between the interior and the exterior in the process of mulling over an energy source available outdoors. Thus, we decided to connect a socket and a window through ideation.

The socket was designed as a socket that can be attached to the window. Thus, you can use it after or while discharging. In addition, it was developed for you to use it freely all the places where electricity is needed. 

It was designed intuitively by reflecting features of a socket as it is, so that users can find it easy to use. You can create your own space to use electricity in a situation requiring electricity without having to find a socket.

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