Lollapalooza Chile 2014

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""Lollapalooza Chile 2014" 

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#EarthHour 2014 is tonight!

Swicth off your lights at 20:30 local time & use

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World Water Day!

6 Tomatoes = 32 L / 1 onion = 17 L
TOTAL = 65 L embedded WATER

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Happy times, happy days... #happinessday

happiness & Life

Happy International Happiness Day everyone!

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Disruption, Art & Cities

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The easiest way to get a raise: BE A MAN.

Creativity & equality

What does a woman need to do to get a raise? Be a man

by Kommunal  via

Watch this woman get a raise in only 47 seconds. Simply by becoming a man. Because being a man is still the easiest way to get a raise. 

Watch Annelie Nordström, Chairwoman of Kommunal, as she becomes a man to protest against unequal salaries between men and women. For the International Women's Day, 8th of March, she calls for every woman to join the protest by following her example.

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Risk equals Innovation

"Risk equals Innovation"

"Risk is not a four-letter word. If you are willing to take a risk, you can be disruptive.  Today, not taking risks can be risky, because risk equals innovation"  Robert Brunner

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"Happy #WomenDay!"

International Women's Day

Happy #WomenDay!

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Sustainability and Reinvention

Sustainability & Innovation

Sustainability as a Tool for Reinvention

By Peter Mortensen via Jump

How to drive business growth by integrating sustainability and innovation.
The relationship between business and the environment has transformed over the last decade. Once a burdensome cost of doing business, a mandate for sustainability is now widely viewed as a tool for finding new cost savings for business and consumers. For some companies, it’s even become a marketing differentiator. For the very first time, the majority of companies are viewing sustainability as a critical mandate for success.
Unfortunately, almost everyone is missing the big picture. Far from being a mere marketing tool or framework for business efficiency, sustainability has the potential to be a key driver of innovation and growth in virtually every industry and sector. At Jump, we call this idea Natural Reinvention. It’s an approach to achieving sustainable growth that’s firmly grounded in empathy for people and their changing needs – both within organizations and out in the world. It’s a way of keeping a business relevant to customers and stakeholders through ongoing evolution instead of periodic, massive upheavals. And it’s an avenue toward building employee loyalty and a culture that embraces continuous change.
Natural Reinvention isn’t complicated, but that doesn’t make it easy. There are a few core ideas that make it work. Companies engaged in Natural Reinvention:
• Get out into the real world to understand people’s changing values
• Dig deep into their own assets, capabilities and passions to discover their strengths
• Connect the dots to create sustainable growth strategies and a culture of creative renewal

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Music & Art

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