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Filthy Luker, stage name of Luke Egan, is an artist from Bristol, known for his works of urban art. His pieces are dynamic and dark site specific three dimensional interventions, laden with irony, reinvent the function of everyday objects or add details unsettling, creating dialogue with the surrounding environment, in order to confuse passers-by and a laugh or a look of astonishment.

His installations, beyond the tone playful and surreal, comment on the clash between the man-machine and mother nature, reflect on urbanization and urban degradation, the proliferation of waste and lack of care for trees and plants now intended only as urban furniture.

His art shakes us and catch us with humor. Alienating and critical forces us to look at the world in a different way.

Don’t forget to play.

 Filthy Luker - Urban Art
 Filthy Luker - Urban Art
Filthy Luker - Urban Art
Filthy Luker - Urban Art 

Filthy Luker - Urban Art
Filthy Luker - Urban ArtFilthy Luker - Urban ArtFilthy Luker - Urban Art


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