Push for HIV awareness with Pinocchio-inspired spot

'Sometimes, You Can Lie Without Knowing It' 

Pinocchio gets a Woody 

or HIV prevention

Campaign  by AIDES | Article by Tom Megginson via

After years of getting attention with playfully explicit sexuality, the AIDES campaign has taken a different turn with this new PSA from TBWA France:  Pinocchio becomes a real boy at the end of the famous fable, but what if he stayed a wooden puppet? And what if he grew up in modern-day Europe?

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China Leads World to Solar Power Record in 2013

Sustainability & Technology

"China Leads World to Solar Power Record in 2013"

By J. Matthew Roney via

solar power jukebox china

In the last two years, countries around the world have added almost as much new solar photovoltaics (PV) capacity as had been added since the invention of the solar cell. Nearly 38,000 megawatts of PV came online in 2013, a new annual record. In all, the world’s installed PV generating capacity is now close to 140,000 megawatts—enough to power each home in Germany. Falling costs and effective policies continue to drive tremendous growth in solar power.

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Amazing Photo Gallery! Udvar-Hazy National Air & Space Museum

Photo Gallery 

"Udvar-Hazy National Air & Space Museum Century"

National Air & Space Museum  by wbeem (CC BY NC)

IMAGES: National Air & Space Museum  by wbeem (CC BY NC)

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"Science and Ignorance"

"True science teaches, above all, to doubt and be ignorant" Miguel De Unamuno by @msanhuezacelsi CC BY NC

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Sugarpova candy brand

Creativity & Entrepreneurship


At the ripe age of 25, elite tennis star Maria Sharapova is looking ahead to life after sport and her future looks sweet. And sour. And gummy. Parlaying her life-long sweet tooth into a tasty business venture, the world champion and Olympic silver medalist this week launched Sugarpova, a line of premium sweet and sour gummy candies.

The Sugarpova collection consists of 12 varieties of varying tastes and shapes, representing the many facets of its creator’s personality.

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  100 Most Creative People in Business 2014

Meet the visionaries who are changing the way we work, shop, eat, build, play, learn, and explore.

The Most Creative People in Business is an influential, diverse group of modern Renaissance men and women across the economy and around the globe. This is more than just a list: It is a rising community, an explosion of creative inspiration, the spur for so much breaking news across the quickly changing industries that Fast Company covers.

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"Giving most powerful Communication"

Giving Is The Best Communication Beautiful Commercial

"Giving Is The Best Communication" is a stunning, beautifully executed advertisement commercial for a Thai telecom company in Thailand. Watch and see if you agree that they're selling something much more important.

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