Clemens Behr "altering the perception of space"

"Clemens Behr" by via  (CC BY)

Behr is a street-artist active from the age of 18 years, which comes from the world of graffiti traditional but always fond of Futurism and broadcast by HBO Dadaism.

His installations are amazing collage of cardboard, packing tape and plastic bags, that invade public and private places, changing and completely altering the perception of space.

His artistic maturity has been marked by an opera in particular: Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2 imaginary animal characters Marcel Duchamp that has deeply influenced the evolution of his work.

Behr says About his ART:
Clemens Behr“My work is complicated, inexpensive and improvised…My process all begins with the space, which acts as a basis for planning. The space defines the colors and shapes, as well as any fixing or mounting possibilities and the dimensions of the piece.  I can’t plan that much in advance, because I can never be certain which possibilities and machinery will be available for me to use. Once I have the composition or an idea of the finished piece visualized in my head, I usually begin to paint the cardboard. Then a wooden frame is screwed together onto which the cardboard will be fixed. This occurs very haphazardly. Before I travel to cities like Delhi or Marrakech I do no preparation before. I just look at the city’s colors and shapes and try to adopt it in to my work. In general, the way I work should be a kind of transformation of the architecture. It pulls everything apart and assembles it in a new geometrical disorder. The source of my inspiration can definitely be traced back to the work of Marcel Duchamp and Kurt Schwitters, and I would name Gordon Matta-Clark as my favorite artist.”

"Clemens Behr" by via   CC BY

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