"The BEST of 2015" 1000 musicians play Learn to Fly of Foo Fighters

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The BEST of 2015:

1,000 musicians play "Learn to Fly" of  Foo Fighters

1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters to ask Dave Grohl to come and play in Cesena, Italy.  "Learn to Fly" is the first single from the Foo Fighters' third album There Is Nothing Left to Lose, released in 1999. Video was published on YouTube of 1,000 Italian musicians in Cesena, Italy all playing and singing the song in unison, followed by a plea for the Foo Fighters to come play a concert in Cesena.

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2015 tribute video: On July 30, 2015 a video was published on YouTube of 1,000 Italian musicians in Cesena, Italy all playing and singing the song in unison, followed by a plea for the Foo Fighters to come play a concert in Cesena. August 16 it had gained more than 22 million views.

On July 31 Dave Grohl responded, in Italian, thanking the makers for "the beautiful video" and adding "Thank you so much. We're coming, I swear. We'll see each other soon." On November 3, 2015, in response, Foo Fighters performed 27-song concert in Cesena for approximately 3,000 people, starting their set with Learn to Fly.

In August 2015, nearly 16 years after its initial release, the single entered the Austrian Singles Chart at number 69 and the Swiss Singles Chart at number 41

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 Original song by Foo Fighters

  "Learn to Fly" is the first single from the Foo Fighters' third album There Is Nothing Left to Lose, released in 1999. The music video for the song was directed by Jesse Peretz and won the 2000 Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video.

The music video for the song takes place on an commercial airliner, parodying the movie Airplane!, and by extension, the films Airport 1975 and its sequel Airport '77. Two airline mechanics (played by Jack Black and Kyle Gass from Tenacious D) smuggle and hide their narcotic known as "World Domination brand 'Erotic' Sleeping Powder"[8] in the coffee-maker. This ends up incapacitating everyone who drinks the coffee. The take off sequence, in addition to the crew members hiding ulterior criminal motives, are a near shot-by-shot homage to the film Airport '77. The band, having avoided the coffee (choosing liquor instead), mirroring Karen Black's role in Airport 1975, find themselves forced to land the plane. For the video, each band member (Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, and Taylor Hawkins) portrays himself as well as several other roles, including an FBI agent who arrests the two mechanics.

Directed by Anita Rivaroli and Alberto Viavattene

DREAMER   Fabio Zaffagnini

Claudia Spadoni - Production Manager
Anita Rivaroli – Video Production
Martina Pieri - Communication Manager
Marta Guidarelli -Fund Raising & Human Resources
Debora Castellucci - Commercial Manager
Mariagrazia Canu - Press Office
Valentina Balzani - Fund Raising

Marco Sabiu

Alberto Paderni - Drums Guru
Augusta Trebeschi - Voice Guru
Biagio Esposito - Bass Guru
Claudio Cavallaro - Guitar Guru
Lele Borghi - Drums Guru
Stefano Re - Guitar Guru

Francesco Penolazzi - Sound & System Designer
Francesco Ridolfi - Sound Supervisor
Marco Benini - Head of services and coordination
Amek&Vanis – Live Recording
Alberto Paderni e Lucio Boiardi Serri presso BlueBeet Studio - Mix e Mastering
Francesco Filomena - Protocol Engineer & Midi Specialist
Paride Pironi - Technical Support
Andrea Brighi - Light Operator
Claudio "Rosso" Tappi - Technical Support
Stefano Martini - Technician
Marco Volpe - Technician

Anita Rivaroli, Alberto Viavattene - Directors
Pasquale Remia – Cinematography and Camera Operator
Sara Suzzi – Executive Producer
Davide Adamo – Camera Operator
Luca Gennari – Camera Operator
Kamel Kuri – Crane Grip
Luca Nonni – Crane Operator
Stefano Mancini – Camera Operator
Marcello Marano - Camera Operator
Simone Pagliarani – Camera Operator
Flavio Perazzini - Camera Operator
Matteo Santi – Camera Operator
Francesco Squillace – Camera Operator
Andrea Maffucci – Ronin camera Operator
Jangle77 - Drone Operator
Matteo Stefani - Editor
Paolo Formisano – Editor assistant
Antonio Bacchini – Runner
Elisa Rossi – Runner
Francesco Tamburini – Runner
Martina Ventrucci - Runner

Andrea Pontiroli - Project Advisor
Marco Spadoni – Set developer
Clara de Paul – Artistic Producer
Elena Terrini - Artistic Producer
Silvia Moia - Artistic Producer
Giovanni Nicotina - Logistics Team

Eleonora Giunchi - Social Media
Francesca Suprani - Webmaster

Studio Iaria - Forlì

Alessandro Iaria
Christian Castorri e Tommaso Dionigi
Gianni Comandini e Andrea Rossi
Alessandra Sorgato e Luca Fantacone (Sony Music Italia)
Luca Ceroni
Valentina Montesi (Filter Coffee)
Maurizio Rivaroli
Giulia Bassani
Alessandro Giordani
Francesco Rivieccio
Michele Sgolaccia


Alan Basini Andrea Ghignone
Andrea Bilotto
Anita Amadei
Anna Montorsi
Antonio Bacchini
Barbara Casadei
Bianca Boni
Cesare Bernardini
Chiara Pepe
Chiara Valentini
Claudia Cesaroni
Deborah Detti
Elisa Bertolucci
Elisa Rossi
Elisabetta Socci
Federica Brunori
Federica Folesani
Federico Marchetti
Francesca Baldazzi
Francesca Frini
Francesca Iaci
Francesco Tamburini
Gabriele Torricella
Gioele Fiorini
Giovanni Guanti
Giovanni Treglia
Giulia Lucchesi
Ilaria Paladino
Jenny Giulianini
Josie Cipolletta
Katia Tumidei
Laura Togni
Luca Delvecchio
Marco Manucci
Martina Ventrucci
Matteo Fabbri
Matteo Pellegrino
Mattia Zanetti
Mosè Mondini
Paolo Corazzini
Raffaele Esposito
Rocco Vece
Sara Pautasso
Silvia Groppi
Susy Cantoni
Tommaso Marchiani
Valentina Bigiarini
Valentina Dall'Ara
Vincenzo Mauriello

Istituto Eccelsa
Acqua Ferrarelle
Gruppo Hera
Romagna Iniziative
Teatro Verdi
Filter Coffee


Comune di Cesena
Confcommercio Cesena
Confartigianato Cesena

Rolling Stone Italia
Radio Studio Delta


Idea Ginger
3 Civette
TD rent
DTS Lighting

DONORS (Magnificent & Saints)
Alessandro Dreosso
Annamaria Leoni Mazzoni
Antonella Poletti
Daniele Gattuso
Enrico Gnani
Gabriele Garavini
Gabriele Minardi
Giacomo Tarroni
Lidia Fabbri
Lorenza Tigli
Luca Cappelli
Matteo Pirini
Mattia Landi
Nicole Triboli
Paolo Biondi
Maurizio Rivaroli
Rosaria Vendittelli
Silvia Ivaldi
Simone Granata
Sonia Zanfi


Claudia Uttieri
Arianna Rivaroli
Tommaso Mondadori
Giulia Bertozzi
Ettore Nicoletti
Luca Nervegna
Giacomo Benini
Andrea Farina
Andrea Monti

Mattia Lorenzetti
Alexander Frank
Nancy Ieracitano
Sammy Paravan 


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