"Virgin Galactic's new spaceship VSS" the world's first commercial spaceline

"Virgin Galactic's new spaceship VSS"
The world's first commercial spaceline

Richard Branson said, “Together, we can make space accessible in a way that has only been dreamt of before now, and by doing so can bring positive change to life on Earth. Our beautiful new spaceship, VSS Unity, is the embodiment of that goal also great testament to what can be achieved when true teamwork, great skill and deep pride are combined with a common purpose.”

Richard Branson  unveiled Virgin Galactic’s much anticipated second SpaceShipTwo at a ceremony in Mojave, CA, attended by his family, Virgin Galactic’s Founder Future Astronauts, stakeholders and partners. Professor Stephen Hawking named the new vehicle Virgin Spaceship (VSS) Unity via a recorded speech and said, “I would be very proud to fly on this spaceship.”

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Wheel of change: a WaterWheel user in India

WaterWheel to ease burden on women

Wheel of Change:

a WaterWheel user in India

By Mark Tran via the

 Wheel of change: a WaterWheel user in India. Photograph: Wello

Girls and women carrying plastic jerry cans of water on their heads is a common sight in rural areas of poor countries. The WaterWheel eases that burden by storing water in a round 50-litre container that doubles as a wheel.

Designed after consultations with villagers in the dry northern Indian state of Rajasthan, the WaterWheel is made from high-quality plastic that can withstand rough terrain. It will sell for $25-$30, compared with $75-$100 for similar products.

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"Iron Sculpture" between metal and Art

The  amazing creation of John Lopez
"Iron Sculpture"between Metal and Art

"I am never bored! I look forward to each new creation, and it is helping me grow and develop as an artist."

John to experiment with the style of his work and allowed him to branch out into other sculptural forms. In the midst of a successful career in bronze sculpting, John Lopez discovered this exciting new direction: scrap iron sculpting.


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Dali’s Creative Thinking

Creativity & Art

Dali’s Creative Thinking

By Michael Michalko via Creativitypost
How to conjure up dreamlike imagery from your subconscious. In the history of art, most people could easily argue that Salvador Dalí is the father of surrealistic art. Surrealism is the art of writing or painting unreal or unpredictable works of art using the images or words from an imaginary world. Dali's art is the definition of surrealism. Throughout his art he clearly elaborates on juxtaposition (putting similar images near each other), the disposition (changing the shape of an object), and morphing of objects, ranging from melted objects dripping, to crutches holding distorted figures, to women with heads of bouquets of flowers. 

Surrealism is the stressing of subconscious or irrational significance of imagery, or in more simplistic terms, the use of dreamlike imagery. Dalí's absurd imagination has him painting pictures of figures no person would even dream of creating. How was Salvador Dali able to conjure up these extraordinary images from his subconscious that he used in his surrealistic paintings?

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"Gravitational Waves" Opens a New Window on the Universe

"Gravitational Waves"
Opens a New Window on the Universe

LIGO’s First-Ever Detection of Gravitational Waves Opens a New Window on the Universe.
In deep space, two black holes spiraled toward each other, their tremendous mass warping spacetime and propagating gravitational waves across the fabric of the universe at light-speed. The two black holes eventually crashed into one another and merged into one even bigger black hole, emitting a crescendo of waves.

That quiet tremolo on the catgut of reality made it to Earth, where the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory was listening. For 13 years LIGO heard, it seemed, every vibration but the one it was supposed to. But on September 14, 2015 it detected those black-hole-crashing swells as they washed over the planet. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have detected gravitational waves,” David Reitze, LIGO’s Executive Director, said today at a press conference. “We did it.”

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"Entrepreneur Elon Musk" The Mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity...

"Entrepreneur Elon Musk" 
The Mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity...

“Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”
Elon Musk is the CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors and the CEO/CTO of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX). Entrepreneur Elon Musk is a man with many plans. The founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX sits down with TED curator Chris Anderson to share details about his visionary projects, which include a mass-marketed electric car, a solar energy leasing company and a fully reusable rocket.

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"Year of the Fire Monkey" Chinese New Year

Happy Lunar New Year 
"Year of the Fire Monkey"
Chinese New Year  

Celebrating Lunar New Year! 2016 the Year of the Fire Monkey on Chinese Zodiac.

Art: Year of the Fire Monkey  by   @msanhuezacelsi
Copyright ©2016

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"Mr. Bungle - Retrovertigo" Live Rock & Full Creativity


Rock & Full Creativity

"Retrovertigo" LIVE

by  Mr. Bungle

"Retrovertigo" from California, the third and final studio album by American experimental band Mr. Bungle,  amazing project of Mike Patton . 


In keeping with much of the band's output, the album incorporates a wide variety of musical styles, including Hawaiian music, Eastern music, electro-funk, doo-wop, folk music, pop music, surf rock, circus music, kecak, heavy metal, lounge music, jazz rock, avant-garde music, piano ballads and music influenced by science fiction, spaghetti western and horror film scores.


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