"Architecture and Social Disrupt" Get to Know Alejandro Aravena the Pritzker Prize Winner Who Builds Half-Finished Homes



Architecture and Social Disrupt

"Get to Know Alejandro Aravena"

   the Pritzker Prize Winner Who Builds Half-Finished Homes

The UC Innovation Center, on the Universidad Católica de Chile’s campus, is the building you’re likely to see first if you Google Aravena. Photo by Nina Vidic.

By Margaret Rhodes via WIRED: In 2014, Alejandro Aravena, the architect who just won the prestigious Pritzker Prize, delivered a TED talk on his work. He punctuated the talk by turning his back to the audience and scrawling drawings and equations on a blackboard with a stick of chalk. The old-school presentation method invited his audience to watch his ideas take shape in real time, emphasizing process over finished product.

Metaphorically speaking, it was a fitting presentation technique for Aravena, who practices what he calls “incremental design.” With this approach, he and the designers at Elemental, his studio, build housing structures that are deliberately unfinished. Consider the Quinta Monroy Housing project, which Aravena worked on in Iquique, Chile, in 2004. Aravena’s team built out the units’ foundations and concrete frames, and left it at that. The approach, he argues, gave future residents a chance to complete their respective units as they saw fit, resulting in culturally appropriate homes that actually look and feel like homes, as opposed to government-issued housing.  See full article via  WIRED.

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