"DIAGNOCHIP" Science with Social vision on Chivas The Venture

 "DIAGNOCHIP" Science with  Social vision
on Chivas The Venture

More than 2,500 from around the world applied. But only these 27 start-ups with a mission to create positive change have been selected to compete as finalists in The Venture. They now have a chance to pitch for a share of $1Million in funding and connect with influential mentors to accelerate their growth. Discover their unique stories and how each business is aiming to transform the world.

Meet this Social Entrepreneurship finalist: Diagnochip has developed a small device - KAR (Rapid Antibiotic sensitivity Kit) - that can determine, in a just few hours, the most effective treatment for urinary tract infections. Using micro-fluidic technology, our device functions as an antibiotic susceptibility test that will accurately analyse urine and blood samples to determine what antibiotics are required. 

"We complete this test and get the results in a time frame equal or less than that of a conventional laboratory diagnostic test" Diagnochip team. Patients are those suffering from bacteria-related urinary infections and the technology is intended to be used as a POCT (Point of Care Testing) device. Our device is particularly important for low-income populations living in rural areas or where medical facilities are poor. Our fast-test kits are affordable, sensitive, user-friendly, quick and robust. They are equipment free and easily deliverable to users living in the developing world.


The business impact can easily summarise in three points; firstly the Diagnochip offers a faster and cheaper solution that could potentially serve as a replacement to more sophisticated diagnostic systems, affording access to basic healthcare services to the developing world. The conventional method takes at least 72 hours to deliver results, whereas Diagnoship can achieve this within four to eight hours. Secondly, this technology promotes the importance of adequate antibiotic use. Thirdly, urinary infections are common and in some cases patients can be hospital bound for 10 to 13 days. Therefore this technology can help ease the burden of this disease for the public and private health sectors.


What we need?  Diagnoship answer:

The Venture funding will be a great accelerator for our business and the competition is an amazing opportunity to get exposure for our business. One of the biggest challenges we face is convincing medical teams to incorporate innovative yet low costs technologies into their day-to-day treatments. We hope The Venture will give us a platform to showcase the effectiveness of Diagnochip to a wider audience. Additionally, we already have a prototype and require additional financing to support manufacturing on a bigger scale, which will help us expand our business on a commercial scale and find more partners such as hospitals.


Mario Soto has a Veterinary degree from the University Of Chile, while our other co-founder, Sara Droguett, has a Nutritionist degree from the same university. Mario, who will be representing us at The Venture Final, has experience and expertise in international research projects and was a Business Development Consultant for the British Columbia Institute Of Technology (BCIT). Sara was the Nutritionist In Chief and Vice Operations Manager for the Hospital del Salvador for more than 15 years. We are both interested in innovation as a way to improve services and products, but more significantly, to achieve a better quality of life.



"We started The Venture to reward those who believe business can be a force for good." The Venture Alumni

 27 extraordinary start-ups from around the world using business to create positive change have been selected to compete for a share of $1million in funding.

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We’ve created The Venture to inspire business thinkers and give entrepreneurs an incredible opportunity to Win The Right Way. We are looking for great start-ups and social entrepreneurs who believe that business can be used as a force for good. 

The Venture is about enabling a new breed of entrepreneurs to realise their potential and gain exposure for their businesses. With $1M in funding for the most promising and innovative start-ups – The Venture seeks to enable those that want do business differently. 

With insightful editorial content from one of the business industry’s leading online publishers, Fast Company, The Venture’s blog also acts as a hub for social entrepreneurship.

Meet The Venture Judges: Eva Longoria, Joe Huff, Sonal Shah and Alexandre Ricard

Actress, businesswoman and philanthropist, Eva Longoria, has been announced as a global judge for The Venture, alongside Alexandre Ricard, Sonal Shah and Joe Huff.

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