"How Brexit will affect Architecture and Design"

"How Brexit will affect Architecture and Design"

Architects and Designers have unanimously expressed their disappointment over the UK's decision to sever ties with the EU, with Hawkins\Brown co-founder Roger Hawkins labelling the result a "nightmare".

Brexit crisis: shockwaves are rippling through the architecture and design industries following the UK's decision to sever ties with the European Union. Read on for the latest expert opinion and reaction to Brexit from the pages of Dezeen... Read all articles  via

"Design professionals must now support the young, who overwhelmingly voted to remain"

Architects and Designers have unanimously expressed their disappointment over the UK's decision to sever ties with the EU, with Hawkins\Brown co-founder Roger Hawkins labelling the result a "nightmare". But Dezeen readers are more divided, much like the UK as a whole.

Brexit campaigners are fighting for an England that doesn't exist, says Rem Koolhaas

OMA founder Rem Koolhaas says that Britain's EU Leave campaigners believe they can change England back to the way it was, but don't understand what that really means.

Speaking to the BBC, the Dutch architect – who studied and taught in the UK in the 1960s and 70s – said that European Union membership had transformed Britain for the better.

He warned that Leave campaigners were fighting for a nostalgic idea of an England that didn't exist.

"If you look at the arguments now to leave you can really see that this is a movement of people who fundamentally want to change England back into the way it was supposedly before," he told the BBC's World Tonight radio show.

 UK architects and designers react to "Nightmare" result of EU referendum

Brexit crisis: the UK's architects and designers have been left reeling by the results of referendum, in which the country voted to leave the European Union.   

Architects and designers including Richard Rogers, Amanda Levete, Ilse Crawford, Philippe Malouin and Benjamin Hubert are among those to have expressed their disappointment with the outcome. 

"What a nightmare," said Roger Hawkins, co-founder of architecture firm Hawkins\Brown. "The lack of proper debate in the referendum has been alarming. It has generated the worst in some people and the best in very few."

Design firms should "relocate their operations to the EU" if Brexit talks fail, says lawyer
Creative businesses in the UK should consider relocating to the EU in the wake of Brexit, according to a lawyer who advises design and fashion companies. Moving would allow these businesses to get round trade barriers that could be erected if the UK fails to negotiate access to the single market, said Annabelle Gauberti, partner at law firm Crefovi (pictured).

"Creative companies headquartered in the UK, which export goods and products, such as fashion and design companies, should monitor the UK negotiations of the withdrawal agreement with the EU extremely closely," Gauberti wrote in a blog post on Saturday.


Illustrators and creatives react to UK's Brexit vote

 in the aftermath of the UK's decision to leave the European Union, illustrators have been quick to post their reactions on Instagram and Twitter.

Trademark protection will cost more after Brexit says intellectual property lawyer

 UK design firms will likely pay more to protect their designs and miss out on new EU-wide patents if the country leaves the European Union, according to a leading intellectual property law firm.

 "Of course I'm extremely disappointed, but I have to respect the majority decision," said Amanda Levete, architect and founder of AL_A. "The debate has engaged the nation, especially younger people, and it can only be a positive to see people talking passionately about the future."

Designers should demand new policies to "make the best" of Brexit, says Rohan Silva

"The most important thing is that we don't pour our energy into complaining about the result or signing petitions that aren't going to achieve anything," Silva said.

90 per cent of British 
fashion designers oppose Brexit

A survey carried out by the British Fashion Council has revealed that 90 per cent of British fashion designers say they will vote to remain in the European Union.

Brexit could be "like a heart attack" for UK design firms says consultant

Uncertainty following the Brexit vote could prove "almost terminal" for small architecture design firms in the UK, according to a consultant who advises creative businesses.

Massimo Gray, who advises architects and designers on business strategy, said there was a risk that clients and customers would hold back on placing orders, putting companies under severe strain.

"My biggest fear for the smaller businesses is that if, as a result of the loss in confidence and instability we are experiencing, we see a pull-back, or stalling on ordering, then this may cause an issue with cash flow," he told Dezeen.

Wolfgang Tillmans designs posters opposing Brexit vote

German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans has designed a set of posters to encourage UK residents to vote to stay in the European Union, after branding the official Remain campaign "lame."

Tillmans, who was the first photographer and also the first non-English person to be awarded the UK's Turner Prize, designed the set of 25 posters to alert people to the risks of Britain leaving the European Union (EU).

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