"The Soul Of Design"



"The Soul Of Design"

A Conceptual Journey through Madness, Beauty & Mystery

13&9 by Studio Superplus

“It is only through mystery and madness that the soul is revealed” Thomas Moore

The video is part of an overall concept for 13&9 design that revolves around the soul of the design itself. As we have been supporting the label from the very beginning on, the conception phase was also a collaborative process of discovery with the owners, focussing on the true essence of their brand.  Watch now this amazing and beauty video...

13&9 capture the contrasts found in design (man/woman, black/white, angular/curved) and present them timelessly in the video, reducing the broad product range to the very core of any design, namely points, lines and surfaces.

13&9 is an interdisciplinary design collective from Graz, Austria that celebrates the unique talents and partnership between architects INNOCAD and product and fashion designer ANASTASIA SU.

The interdisciplinary team's successful cooperation with specialist partners has led to outstanding achievements in furniture, fashion, accessories, lighting and art objects, as well as for industrial design and sound installation projects.


Everything in the video comes from the brand itself. We didn't want to add or invent anything that didn't already exist. Even the use of dancers as a neutral projection surface -- representing the idea (or soul) of the designer -- stems from the history of 13&9.

Moreover the video pays homage to great thinkers such as Walt Whitman, Thomas Moore and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, whose thoughts on the human soul are displayed as projected extracts in the video.

We knew early on that instead of taking the usual approach of relying on post production techniques we wanted to work with typography, graphic design and animations live on set. As a result, creating these projections and carrying out the tests and rehearsals was the most important and time-consuming part of the collaboration after the concept phase.

The video was filmed in one day in a studio with minimal basic lighting and a powerful digital projector. The projections were in part adapted and edited on set.

DIRECTED BY Super+, CINEMATORAPHER Gerald Kerkletz, DANCER Julia Mach & Filip Szatarski, UPM Julia Hofer, FOCUS PULLER Marcos Pieta Joge, GAFFER Tommy Münster, ELECTRICIAN Christian Angermayr, VOLUNTEER Georg Weiss, MAKE UP Christopher Koller, PROJECTIONS & POST PRODUCTION Super+, MUSIC & SOUND 13&9 (Severin Su & A.Lord), SPECIAL THX Susanne Thomanek.


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SOURCE:  13 amp; 9 by Studio Superplus  


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