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" Clean Water for All"


 Learn how a smart new business is expanding access to water around the globe with a sustainable and innovative wastewater treatment technology.

For Matías Sjogren, CEO and founder of Biofitro, the motivation for founding Biofiltro was simple. With more than 2.6 billion people worldwide without effective water treatment services, and with access to safe water sources increasingly scarce, he saw an opportunity to make an impact.

Using an innovative and sustainable process called the BIDA® system, which uses bacteria and earthworm humus to process organic waste in wastewater and industrial liquid waste, the Biofiltro team is able to obtain clean water suitable for irrigation, which accounts for 70% of water usage worldwide. Additionally, in contrast to conventional wastewater and industrial liquid waste treatment systems, which use harsh chemicals and produce harsh pollutants as a byproduct of the purification process, the BIDA® system’s biologically based, chemical-free process instead generates byproducts that can be used as natural fertilizer while allowing treatment plants to save up to 80% on energy costs as compared to conventional technologies.

In 2010, with a team of just two people, Matías began working to establish the business that would become Biofiltro. Since then, with the help of CORFO’s Start-Up Chile, Seed Fund and Go to Market programs, the company was able to finance and expand the business in its early stages and to successfully develop and scale its business model.

Now, Biofiltro employs a staff of 50 and is present on 3 continents, with patents in more than 35 countries and installations all over the world, including in New Zealand, Spain, Chile, Mexico and Brazil, among others. As the only company licensing this groundbreaking technology, Biofiltro has also received numerous international awards, including first place in the prestigious CleanTech Open Silicon Valley Competition, where it was selected from among 1,500 business models from all over the world.

“The support that we have received from CORFO has been fundamental for us,” says Matías. In addition to the financial support provided by its programs, “CORFO has helped us to maintain the energy and perseverance needed to launch a business. It’s easy to feel alone in this process, but knowing that we have the support of an institution like CORFO gives us the energy to keep putting in the effort that all start-ups need in order to become successful businesses.”

In the coming years, the Biofiltro team hopes to continue expanding worldwide, taking advantage of the technology’s high applicability across different scales and in a variety of geographic conditions. “Our goal is to have a presence on 5 continents, with installed treatment capacity of 70 cubic meters per day, which would amount to treatment of the water consumed by 1% of the global population.” 

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